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EAP I (Basic English) ⑦【S1】 (EAP I(Basic English))
担当教員 栗本 晶
開講時期 春学期
科目ナンバー LIT121
授業コード 2104
単位 1
授業概要 Students will deepen their understandings in basic English grammar, which is useful for standardized tests as well as communication. They will increase their vocabulary by solving problems in the textbook and discuss them in class.
到達目標 Students will have deep understandings in important basic grammatical forms.
スキルの育成方法 Students are requried to do their assignments throughly so that they can participate in the group discussion actively. During the preparation, they need to be aware of the areas they don’t understand and bring their questions to class. Self-Online Studies will also help them learn.
1Explanation of this course and assignments. Handout:Grammar comprehension test Unit 1: Parts of SpeechReview, Preparation, Questions: 1hour
2Review of Unit1 (group work) Unit2 Verbs(1)Review and preparation for Quiz1: 1hour
3Review of Unit2 (group work) Quiz1 (parts of speech)Review, Preparation, Questions: 1hour
4About Quiz1 Unit3 Verbs(2)Review and preparation for Quiz2: 1hour
5Review of Unit 3(group work) Quiz2 (Verb1,2)Review, Preparation, Questions: 1hour
6About Quiz2 Unit 5 Infinitive and GerundReview and preparation for Quiz3: 1hour
7Review of Unit5 (group work) Quiz3 (infinitive, gerund, particiles)Review, Preparation, Questions: 1hour
8About Quiz3 Unit6 ParticiplesReview and preparation for Quiz4: 1hour
9Review of Unit6(group work) Quiz4 (adjectives and adverbs)Review, Preparation, Questions: 1hour
10Unit13 Relative ClausesReview and preparation for Quiz5: 1hour
11Review of Unit13(group work) Quiz5 (relative clauses)Review, preparation and questions: 2hrs
12Unit14 ConditionalsReview, preparation and questions: 2hrs
13Review of Unit14(group work) Quiz6 (conditionals)Preparation for the final examination:2hrs
14Grammar comprehension test Final examination


成績評価基準 Active participation, and assignment: 50%, Quizzes: 25%, Final Examination:25%  S:100-90 A:89-80 B:79-70 C:69-60
前提科目 N/A
後継科目 N/A
教科書 Essential English Grammar for TOEIC Test 南雲堂
参考書 Grammar book (the one students used in high school)